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Jo Wood Drugs decision with kids could have backfired - Hollywood Gossips

Jo Wood Drugs decision with kids could have backfiredJo Wood Drugs decision with kids could have backfired

Jo Wood admits her honesty about drugs could have �easily backfired' with her children.

The blonde beauty revealed in her autobiography �Hey Jo: A Rock And Roll Fairytale' she has been totally open with her four children : Leah and Tyrone, with ex-husband Ronnie Wood, and Jamie and Jesse, her two sons from previous relationships : about her and Ronnie's substance use.

Jo was willing to let them experiment with drugs in the family house and believes her parenting decision meant that illegal highs became less attractive to them.

she said: �I knew they were looking for it, and I just thought I would rather it came from me than out on the street.

�I have a very open and honest relationship with all my kids and, yes, I was able to see what they were doing and check on them. They were at home all the time, you see. They had no reason to do it behind my back.'

When TV host Alan suggested her decision could have killed her kids, she added: �I didn't. I was in an extreme environment, in a world that not many people live in and I think I was very fortunate that my kids turned out really grounded and really well. But it could have easily backfired.'

In her book, Jo admits she and Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie : who she was married to for 26 years : regularly got high together at the beginning of their marriage and partied very hard.

The 57-year-old writer accepts if she hadn't been introduced to the rock �n' roll lifestyle by Ronnie then she probably wouldn't have been so liberal when it came to her kids using drugs.

She said: �When I look back, if I could do it again I think : if I wasn't with the rock �n' roll, my whole life would have been different. I wouldn't have been influenced by what was going on around me.'


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