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Ronnie Wood gave ex-wife cocaine in hospital - HOTTEST AMERICAN CELEBRITIES

Ronnie Wood gave ex-wife cocaine in hospitalRonnie Wood gave ex-wife cocaine in hospital

Ronnie Wood gave his ex-wife a bag of cocaine after she had given birth.

The Rolling Stones rocker presented his former wife Jo with the drug instead of a more traditional bunch of flowers when he came to visit her in the hospital just hours after she gave birth to their son, Tyrone.

Writing in her shocking tell-all new book �Hey Jo', she explained: �The second day in hospital after Ty's birth, I was feeding him when Ronnie rocked up. �Hey baby,' he said, �I've bought you something.' �Oh, my honey,' I thought. Could it be flowers, jewellery? Instead Ronnie handed me a packet of white powder. �A little something to help you get back on track.' It was cocaine.'

Jo also revealed she and the 65-year-old musician : who she met at a party in 1977 and was married to for 26 years : would fly into a range when his booze and drugs ran out, including one memorable evening when he threatened to maim her because there was no more vodka.

She recalled: �On that occasion he really lost it. The poison started pouring out of his mouth. �I'll throw acid in your face � You'd better watch out because I know people. It was as if he was possessed (which, in a way, he was).'

The rock �n' roll pair divorced in 2009, after Ronnie left her for waitress Ekaterina Ivanova.

The musician married Sally Humphreys last year.


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