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Vathikuchi music review - Tamil Hot Girls

HOT SEXY FAMOUS BOLLYWOOD BABES WALLPAPERS @                                                                    Gibran creates a new magic after the success of his maiden debut Vaagai Sooda vaa. Produced by AR Murugadoss in collaboration with Fox Star Studios, the filmmaker’s brother Dhiliban makes his onscreen debut in lead role with Anjali as his ladylove. The album has 5 tracks including a theme music in addition with the Karoake for all the songs. Making debut directorial with this film, Kinslin has penned lyrics for a couple of songs.


 Singer: Sundar Narayana Rao
 Lyrics: Kinslin
The album opens on a fresh not with Kuru Kuru standing out as a commendable romantic solo. The instrumentals and orchestration are done with minute detailing. Thanks to Gibran for creating an equal balance between the vocalism and music. Sundar Narayana Rao can keep his fingers crossed hoping for a bigger show in the Tamil music industry as his voice easily draws us into the song. Sound mixing remains as the icing of the cake and you’ll recognize while listening to the song in surround system.

 Singers: Shruthi, Anitha and Shabir
 Lyrics: Pa. Vijay & P Kinslin
A best dedication to the the girly Shopaholics. Your lips wouldn’t keep away from smiling as you listen to this track. Gibran gets more brilliant in delivering the song with the best sound engineering and the orchestration of voices. Lyricists Pa Vijay and P Kinslin deserve praises for catchy lyrics that goes with a conversational style. Moreover, the modulation by Shruthi, Anitha and Shabir is the absolute attraction here.

 Singer: Sundar Narayana Rao
 Lyrics: Arivumathi
Listen to the first line of this song and you’ll surely realize it’s a tailor-made song for Anjali. Sundar completely shifts his paradigm here as you might really doubt is it the same singer, who crooned the track ‘Kuru Kuru’. The lyrics are simple, but again it’s the musical spell of Gibran that enhances the impact.

 Singer: Shabir
 Lyrics: Yugabharathi
It sounds like a situational song placed during the critical point of this film. The overpowering music for strings and percussions pull your senses into it. The lyrics are completely based on a guy’s transformation to change from what he was before. The trombones, percussions and chorus during the second interlude is awesome.

The best among the best from Gibran. The young music director left us awestricken with his beautiful composition with all the songs and now gets higher with the theme music. The Vathikuchi Theme Music elevates the complete standard of this album as you can sense a mix of Beethoven, Rahman and Ilayaraja touch here. Well, you might feel it’s quite exhilarating until you hear this track. It has a spirit of downfall, pathos, eeriness and finally the triumph.

Gibran throws a huge celebration for the youth groups with the songs ‘Kuru Kuru’ and ‘Amma Wake Me Up’ standing out as the cherry-picks in this album. Of course, the other three tracks will gain huge popularity with the visuals.



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