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Powerstar Dr Srinivasan
The acronim MAD is pregnant with a number of connotations. These three letters can be interpreted this way;

Here is an epitome of this acronim in Tamil film industry. He is none other than the one and only Dr. Srinivasan who is popularly known as Power Star( a self-attribution?). there are a good number of people who exhert to gain attention of others either by crook or by hook. Obviously power star belongs to the second category.

Power Star’s entry Ito the limelight
Dr. Srinivasan was basically a doctor, who had a hospital running by himself. However, he began to produce Tamil movies in his initial stage. Eventually, he started to act in a couple of movies of which many were quite unknown to the viewers , for still they are rest in peace in the untouched boxes. Hence, nothing was able to dent his passion and love for films. As a result, he himself commenced to direct, produce,and act in the movies.


Power Star’s movies
His first movie was released in 2010 named Pa . Ra.Palanisamy. unfortunately nobody in Tn has not heard of it so far. But power star claims that it has run for more than 100 days.

Following are some of his strange movies;
But most of these movies run not less than a day in the theaters.

Movies which are yet to be released are;
 SEENU etc.
He is not sure of releasing these movies.
How does he win the fans
This is off course a funny thing. If you say something good of power star’s film no doubt you will receive more than 100 rupees from the star. He is willing to spend huge some of money to promote his movies. So if you are an unemployer, don’t be hesitant directly go to power star and start to coax him with sugary words. Besides ,in an interview power star earnestly admitted that Superstar Rajnikanth is the only one who can compete with him. The anchor of that show was stunned hearing this….

Social Networks and PowerStar
He is a familiar face in Facebook and YouTube  His dancing skills and romantic natural acting have brought him many online friends and viewers  In Facebook he is treated as an iconic comedian and used to get all users. Do you know that he has even numerous from US and other foreign countries as well. Indeed many consider him as a baffoon and to show their rage for his idiocy. However, Power star continues his strange and entirely different voyage with a stable and steadfast courage and enthusiasm. Nothing could hinder him from attaining a stardom in Tamil film industries.

Best Wishes power star…


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