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Sonakshi Sinha Says Incompetence frustrates me - Bollywood Gossips

Sonakshi Sinha Says Incompetence frustrates meSonakshi Sinha Says Incompetence frustrates me

Dabangg girl Sonakshi Sinha was never new to showbiz as she had father Shatrughan Sinha standing as the epitome of film industry. However, the girl herself got to experience the charm of films when Salman Khan got her in Dabangg as the village belle Rajjo.

Needless to say, today she has carved a niche for herself and is loved by many for her unique style and screen presence. On being quizzed when did she first find herself to be pretty, she shared, "I didn't realize it till I was about 21. Having always been on the heavier side, it never occurred to me that I was pretty. Whenever I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a fat girl. But it never bogged me down. I was confident. My interests lay in fashion designing".

Speaking over how the detractors slam her generous form, she said, "I have faced this all my life. People have hardly referred to me by my name. They have called me moti, fatty, bhens (buffalo)� But it doesn't bother me. Five people out of a hundred calling me overweight don't get me less work. My weight's perfect for my age, height and body type".

So far she has always been portrayed as the lively and ever smiling beauty on screen, on being quizzed if she cries easily, Sona stated, "What's funny is I don't cry when I am sad. I cry when I am angry. Incompetence frustrates me".

That sounds great!


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