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Top 100 Sexiest Actresses list � Exclusive collections of
1. Scarlett Johansson
 She is one of the most beautiful actresses working today. Almost everything about her is perfect: her personality, her face, her hair, her eyes, her lips, her smile, her breasts, her curves, her legs, and the dresses she wears. Just wonderful. If there's one actress that I like to meet in person, that would be her. Another thing that makes her so special is she has that classic Hollywood look.

2. Salma Hayek
 One of Hollywood's hottest MILF's. Even though she's in her late 40′s, she's still beautiful and sexy as ever.
3. Aishwarya Rai
 What a true goddess she is.
4. Kelly Hu
 She's a very underrated beauty, even at her 40′s. She is just plain wonderful, from her face to her legs. Oh, and I love her as Lady Deathstrike in X2, even though the film is not my favorite. She was sexy, cute, and dangerous. Plus, she can scratch me with those deadly claws any day.

5. Kate Beckinsale
6. Rachel Weisz
7. Sofía Vergara
8. Natalie Portman
9. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
10. Anne Hathaway
11. Kelly Brook
 She's got everything: her nice hair, her bright smile, her killer curves & body, and her great legs.
12. Monica Bellucci
13. Stacy Keibler
 Just how could you say no to her killer long legs? Her legs are so hot and dangerous, she makes men's pants explode. No wonder she's called "The Weapon of Mass Seduction."

14. Marion Cotillard
15. Tricia Helfer
 Little trivia: she shares the same birthday as I.
16. Eva Green
17. Mila Kunis
18. Summer Glau
 IMO, she is the textbook definition of not only a very cute women, but also beautifully cute, hot, badass, and awesome.

19. Christina Hendricks
20. Olivia Wilde
21. Emma Watson
22. Eliza Dushku
23. Penélope Cruz
24. Mary-Louise Parker
25. Evangeline Lilly
26. Amanda Righetti
27. Charlize Theron
28. Emma Stone
29. Maggie Q
 She is a man's dream for a hot action heroine.
30. Diane Kruger
31. Jessica Lowndes
 So damn beautiful and sexy. She's got killer eyes and smile. IMO, she's even more attractive than Megan Fox.
32. Ziyi Zhang
33. Zooey Deschanel
34. Emily Blunt
35. Amanda Seyfried
36. Amber Heard
 I just love her girl-next-door look.
37. Nicole Kidman
38. Chiaki Kuriyama
 She played one of my favorite badass girls in cinema, Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill: Volume 1. She's hot, sexy, cute, and dangerous. I'll do anything for her, and she can kick my ass any day.

39. Kate Winslet
40. Amy Adams
41. Catherine Zeta-Jones
42. Naomi Watts
43. Zoe Saldana
44. Blake Lively
45. Evan Rachel Wood
46. Freida Pinto
47. Cate Blanchett
48. Jessica Alba
 She's not a great actress, though, But she's more competetive than the likes of Paris Hilton, Kristen Stewart, and Megan Fox, at least.

49. Ashley Greene
50. Maggie Grace
51. January Jones
52. Jennifer Connelly
53. Eva Longoria
54. Elizabeth Hurley
55. Isla Fisher
56. Sandra Bullock
57. Lucy Liu
58. Milla Jovovich
59. Emma Roberts
60. Leighton Meester
61. Rachel McAdams
62. Keira Knightley
63. Hayden Panettiere
64. Reese Witherspoon
65. Liv Tyler
66. Michelle Rodriguez
67. Claire Danes
68. Yvonne Strahovski
69. Katherine Heigl
 Although she constantly appears in one bad romantic comedy after another; she is still damn cute. I also love the cute expressions she makes. And I even like how she beats the crap out of Jonathan Tucker in 100 Girls. I wouldn't mind a bit if she does that to me.

70. Rose McGowan
71. Michelle Pfeiffer
72. Emmy Rossum
73. Elisha Cuthbert
74. Gwyneth Paltrow
75. Lacey Chabert
76. Julianne Moore
77. Sigourney Weaver
78. Winona Ryder
79. Rachel Bilson
80. Christina Ricci
81. Ellen Page
82. Angelina Jolie
83. Eva Mendes
84. Jessica Biel
85. Maggie Gyllenhaal
86. Jennifer Love Hewitt
87. Rebecca Romijn
88. Marisa Tomei
89. Ali Larter
90. Rosario Dawson
91. Jennifer Aniston
92. Lyndsy Fonseca
93. Sarah Michelle Gellar
94. Cameron Diaz
95. Devon Aoki
 Man, I'm a real sucker for hot badass Asian (or Eurasian) babes, and she is no exception.
96. Jennifer Lawrence
97. Kat Dennings
98. Gabrielle Union
99. Jennifer Garner
100. Uma Thurman


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